How do I Choose My Shirts?

I choose my shirts based on the following criteria. They must be:

  • Colorful. And I mean Bright colors. I happen to be partially colorblind. I have trouble with the Blue/Yellow part of the color spectrum; everything seems to fade into this amorphous gray/green/gunmetal type of color. So therefore I like BRIGHT COLORS that jump out at me. As a general rule I don’t I choose shirts which have those dull colors, earth tones and a non- vibrant feel. If I want shirts like that I’ll go to Sears and look through their Men’s Department, or go to some fake tourist shop, which claims to sell “Aloha” shirts. I like shirts that most people with good taste won’t wear. I look for customers who say,”Frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a damn.”
  • Detail. The better the detail, the better the shirt. If there’s a picture of something I want to know what that something is. I want to be able to identify it, or read it as the case may be. I have some examples below.micky minie tshirt
  • Comfort. It has to be comfortable. Need I say more? That’s why I carry sizes LARGE, EXTRA LARGE (XL) and EXTRA EXTRA LARGE (XXL) almost exclusively. Even if you are of average size for a man or woman, a Large of Extra Large almost always feels better for casual comfort. My fabrics are Rayon & the much-maligned Polyester, which is, in reality, one of the most comfortable fabrics, or compounds, ever devised. The idea is to be loose, and be noticed, if you know what I mean. If you know what I mean you will be buying one or more shirts. If you don’t you won’t. That’s just the way it is.
  • Economy. Believe it or not, I have put a lot of time into seeking out these shirts. I have traveled high and low, low and high, and looked at tons, literally TONS of merchandise and come up with just a few pieces. Why? Because I want these shirts to be affordable.

My average shirt sells for $12.99- $14.99. I was in shirt shopping in Seal Beach California just the other day, and found shirts that were not as cool, not as comfortable as mine. They did not have the same detail; they looked like ground cover for a pre-school art project with little detail or sharpness of image. They were charging between $29.95 and $48.00 for shirts, which are not as good as the ones you see above. It’s a sobering thought isn’t it? You could buy two or three of my shirts for the price of one of theirs, plus you don’t have to travel all the way to Southern California.

Also, If you look elsewhere on the internet you will find similar shirts, sometimes shirts by the same manufacturers identical to mine for upwards of $59.99 – $69.95, even $79.95. No thanks. I’d rather not take out a second on my house just so I can own a few custom t-shirts.

From time to time we put one or two of these shirts on special by putting them up for auction at a price lower than my suggested retail. This is where you can get a deal unless someone else sees it first. I have had competitive bidding situations, which have sent the prices of these shirts well over the $20.00 mark. Avoid the rush and the expense. Buy now from the LOTS Ebay store.

All shirts are shipped via US Mail Media rate, i.e. SLOW BOAT. That is what the quoted Shipping and Handling price gets you. And by the way, let’s get this out of the way right now…”Handling” is the time it takes to package, weigh, purchase postage, go to the dreaded post office, etc.. Your time is valuable, right? So you understand? After all, I found these bitchin’ shirts for you.