DIY Tips for Make-up and Hairstyling For Your Event

Getting yourself ready for an occasion or an event could be a bit of a struggle for every woman, as they have to prepare what kind of look they are going to wear, unlike with men there’s not much dressing up to do. For woman they have prepare the from styling their hair, wearing make-up to wearing a dress plus high heels, all must complement to each other so you will look good at the event, with man they only need to find the basic clothe for wearing and it doesn’t require too much time dressing up, as long as they have clothes to wear and a shoes, and simply shave their face to clean, then their good to go.  Woman will take more time in preparing their look and it usually take more than hour to achieve the look they want. The most difficult part and will take most of the time of dressing up is the wearing the make-up and styling the hair. There are many simple ways to wear make-up and styling your hair, if you don’t want to take so much time doing the make-over of your face, here are the following DIY tips you could follow to achieve the simple yet elegant look.

Before the of your event, prepare all the necessary things you will use, such as make-up and things for doing for styling your hair which includes hair curler, hair straightener and the most important hair spray, once you have all the things you need then proceed to the next procedure. You can have the best waxing services in Parramatta before you get ready for other services.

Make-up – Use a concealer that matches your skin tone to hide all the blemishes, dark spots or marks on your face. After that, put the cream in your face including your neck part which will be your base before adding colors, make sure you use the right color that matches your skin tone. The next thing to do is enhance your eyes by putting eyeliner and eye shadow. If it is a day time event use light colors that will match your dress and if it is an evening event, wear smoky eye. Use three colors under one shade from darker to lighter. For blush on, do a smile and your cheeks will pop-up, that is the area where you can put your blush on, again if it is a daytime event just put little blush just enough to enhance  your cheek, and if is night event put many so even it is a low light your face still enhances, Lastly put lipstick that will suit the color of your overall look in your face, basically it will depend on what you are wearing what look you are trying to achieve, for simple, you can use nude colors, if you want a bit fiercer face, use matte or a darker color of lipstick. Contact the best Sydney makeup artists if you live close by to get the best services.

Hairstyle – The best hairstyle that will match for everything is to curl your hair, use curling iron and curl the bottom of your hair, once you are done add some volume and use hair spray to lock out everything so it will last until the event ends.

So these are the simple DIY steps you can follow for achieving the looks that you want, if you want more than that, you can check DIY Make-over websites on the internet for better results of your look.

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