How do I Choose My Shirts?

I choose my shirts based on the following criteria. They must be:

  • Colorful. And I mean Bright colors. I happen to be partially colorblind. I have trouble with the Blue/Yellow part of the color spectrum; everything seems to fade into this amorphous gray/green/gunmetal type of color. So therefore I like BRIGHT COLORS that jump out at me. As a general rule I don’t I choose shirts which have those dull colors, earth tones and a non- vibrant feel. If I want shirts like that I’ll go to Sears and look through their Men’s Department, or go to some fake tourist shop, which claims to sell “Aloha” shirts. I like shirts that most people with good taste won’t wear. I look for customers who say,”Frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a damn.”
  • Detail. The better the detail, the better the shirt. If there’s a picture of something I want to know what that something is. I want to be able to identify it, or read it as the case may be. I have some examples below.micky minie tshirt
  • Comfort. It has to be comfortable. Need I say more? That’s why I carry sizes LARGE, EXTRA LARGE (XL) and EXTRA EXTRA LARGE (XXL) almost exclusively. Even if you are of average size for a man or woman, a Large of Extra Large almost always feels better for casual comfort. My fabrics are Rayon & the much-maligned Polyester, which is, in reality, one of the most comfortable fabrics, or compounds, ever devised. The idea is to be loose, and be noticed, if you know what I mean. If you know what I mean you will be buying one or more shirts. If you don’t you won’t. That’s just the way it is.
  • Economy. Believe it or not, I have put a lot of time into seeking out these shirts. I have traveled high and low, low and high, and looked at tons, literally TONS of merchandise and come up with just a few pieces. Why? Because I want these shirts to be affordable.

My average shirt sells for $12.99- $14.99. I was in shirt shopping in Seal Beach California just the other day, and found shirts that were not as cool, not as comfortable as mine. They did not have the same detail; they looked like ground cover for a pre-school art project with little detail or sharpness of image. They were charging between $29.95 and $48.00 for shirts, which are not as good as the ones you see above. It’s a sobering thought isn’t it? You could buy two or three of my shirts for the price of one of theirs, plus you don’t have to travel all the way to Southern California.

Also, If you look elsewhere on the internet you will find similar shirts, sometimes shirts by the same manufacturers identical to mine for upwards of $59.99 – $69.95, even $79.95. No thanks. I’d rather not take out a second on my house just so I can own a few custom t-shirts.

From time to time we put one or two of these shirts on special by putting them up for auction at a price lower than my suggested retail. This is where you can get a deal unless someone else sees it first. I have had competitive bidding situations, which have sent the prices of these shirts well over the $20.00 mark. Avoid the rush and the expense. Buy now from the LOTS Ebay store.

All shirts are shipped via US Mail Media rate, i.e. SLOW BOAT. That is what the quoted Shipping and Handling price gets you. And by the way, let’s get this out of the way right now…”Handling” is the time it takes to package, weigh, purchase postage, go to the dreaded post office, etc.. Your time is valuable, right? So you understand? After all, I found these bitchin’ shirts for you.

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Why Driving Education is so Important?

Driving education is so important to aspiring drivers. They like to learn driving because they want to have a car and drive it on their own. It is convenient if you know how to drive so you can travel on the place where you want to go. Learning how to drive is a must if you want to drive your own vehicle. You can have your parents teach you how to drive however they cannot fully educate you with the complete rules on the road and other good driving techniques as well. You should learn driving the better way.

There are so many driving schools that can offer you driving skills and techniques as well. There are driving instructors who are patient especially if you are too nervous about handling the steering wheel and stepping on the brake. At first you might didn’t know what you need to step first on the car and what you need to do first. It is important that you are confident while learning how to drive, because after learning how to drive, after drive test, and after several other steps needed to finally get the full licence it will be challenging for you when you are out of the road already. So make sure to take note of all of the driving techniques that you will be learning in the driving education. Safety in driving is essential in driving education as well and that will always be there in giving driving techniques to the students.

Why Driving Education is so Important

In the driving education, the driving instructors were accredited with the cert 4 driver training the years of teaching driving experience.  Driving lessons can be scary for those who are really nervous to handle the steering wheel in the car but the experienced driver is going to remove that to you. They will guide you slowly and patiently on how you will be managing the vehicle without any trouble at all. You can ask the instructor some questions before and while driving and they can surely answer them but make sure that your eyes are on the road. You can let them know if you need to go on the side first to get the focus again due to the nervous that you are feeling. Driving education will always consider your situation as the student driver because it is your first time to handle a vehicle that you need to drive. Click here about the best driving schools in Melbourne.

Learning how to drive is exciting and at the same time you will feel nervous. But this is just only in a day or two because you are still adjusting. Always remember that while learning, learn to be confident because on the road you will encounter different drivers and vehicles. They have different attitudes on the road so make sure that what you have is the most confident but very patient driver. Learn how to share the road and don’t forget the techniques that the driving instructor taught you. Driving education is beyond doubt that you needed to travel safely.

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Tips On Offering Organic Bonus Offers

Business owners can have it tough if they are still starting out. They need to think of ways to attract more customers. If not, they will only be stuck to where they left off and they might not even make it to where they want to stand. This is where marketing strategies come in. Have you ever noticed how businesses give out bonus offers to their clients? This is offered in almost every industry in the market, as this is a way to make the customers aware of the existence of the product. The same can be said if your business is all about organic products.

If you produce your organic product by yourself and you want to let the people know that you sell them, the best way to start out would be to give customers a sample of it. If it is an organic food, you give customers a free taste test so that they can have a taste of the product and will base their impression on it. You see this a lot in grocery stores – increasing the awareness of the customers that you are offering such products. If you can set up an arrangement like this in a grocery store, you should grab that chance. There is also another way, too, which is the bonus offers. The aforementioned also works as bonuses, too, but products that are offered alongside with another product for free is the true definition of what bonuses are. The customers can only get them if they buy the other product that comes together with it or bulk products. Visit natural health organics to know more about bulk foods online.

Organic Bonus Offers

Bonus offer is a perfect way to get your organic product line noticed by customers and attract more of them. When they get curious about the product that is offered as a bonus, they will immediately want to try it right away. If they like it, that will be the time when you have gained a customer. Don’t forget that this is how to increase the awareness of customers about your products. This is also how industries get competitive with every new organic product they put out into the market. Not only do they offer their products through samples alone, they also give it away as bonuses. To others, this is not only about increasing awareness to the customers, but as a way for business owners to know what the customers really want. It is like a study to them–once they have hit the right strategy, they will follow along with it.

This is how you want to give away items that are related to the ones that you are selling. If such is not related to what you are really selling, it will not aid in increasing your sales at all. This is not only applicable to organic products like the one you are preparing for, but for any other industries as well. This method will not work overnight. It requires a lot of diligence on your part plus observation on how it will help your product line grow. If it doesn’t work, all you need is to find another way to let the customers be aware of your products.

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Choosing polished concrete

Whether you have a business or a house, you always think of what is best so that it will look presentable to the eyes of the people who stay there or even to the people who only come to pay a visit. One of the most important parts of a building is the floor. Most probably it is considered to be the most abused part since it has to be stepped on and there may be a lot things wheeled on it and that is the reason why building owners should choose their floors wisely.

Even before, a lot of building owners choose to have concrete floors and in fact these days, these floors look even better since they have been polished already. Generally, a lot of building owners choose to have concrete floors because they are durable. As mentioned these floors have to undergo a lot of pressure everyday but concrete floors are very tough and can withstand any pressure. This also means that this type of flooring does not get damaged easily. If ever it gets chipped you can easily put some concrete again. Another good feature about having concrete floors is the fact that it can be maintained easily. You may sweep it regularly and have it waxed which may last for several months. Moreover, because of its durable feature it is believed that it can last for a long time. Since this type of flooring does not get damaged very easily, you can surely save a lot of money. What’s best with polished floors is that they can come in various colors so you do not need to always go for the traditional one. All you have to do is to choose the one that matches to the interior and exterior part of your building.

Polished Concrete

However, even if there are so many benefits to using polished concrete floors, they could have drawbacks as well. The main disadvantage of having concrete floor is the hardness. It may be durable and could last for a long time, but if people are not very careful and they slip, the hardness of the concrete can actually cause injuries. So, this type of flooring is not suggested when there are children or even the very old. If it cannot be avoided, make sure that there are enough warnings around the area. Moreover, the hardness of the material can also cause discomfort especially when the person has to stand for a long time. It is better if you choose a good footwear if you work in a building that has concrete flooring. In addition to this, concrete does not easily insulate heat that’s why it is very cold when touched to the skin.

To sum everything, concrete floors can still be a good choice for flooring because the advantages have outweighed the disadvantages. If you choose to have polished concrete floors, it is very important that you know how to maintain it. Always remember that choosing a type of flooring could be vital too.

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Tips on How to Prepare for Pre-wedding Shoots

When it comes to weddings, the pictures really say and mean everything. It has long since been tradition to a lot of couples to get some prewedding shoots. These are pictures taken before the actual big day. They are nonetheless special and hence, should also be prepared for meticulously. Finding the right provider that can bet the job done is an important decision. Here are tips on how to get the best pictures off of these shoots.

It is important to find the right wedding photographer in Melbourne if you live in Melbourne or your function is there,before the actual shoot. The two professionals that will play a very crucial role for this big day are the photographer and the makeup artist. Before the actual shot, it is highly encouraged that you will first see them in person. This allows you to discuss with them how you want the pictures to be taken. This allows you to decide on a theme to in which premises the entire shoot is going to be based on.

Always take the time to discuss every single details of the shoot ahead of time. This includes the art direction to reflect the kinds of photos that will be produced afterward. Your budget is going to play a crucial here too. In addition, discussing the necessary elements of the shoot such as your props, the gown, your shoes, the decorations and others elements need to be determined ahead of time for better results.

If possible, get your gown fitting be done on a date that is closest to the date of the shoot. It is common for a lot of brides to loose or gain weight when they are nearing their big days, to make sure that the dress is indeed going to fit. It pays to actually have it fitted days before the actual shoot. This is always very helpful so the gown is indeed going to be the right fit come the actual wedding day.

It may be a good idea to actually take on an exercise regimen before your big day. You would want to look really good and to end on the big day. Taking on a healthy diet is not a bad idea either. These are probably the biggest moments of your life and you need to make sure that the pictures and videos taken of you on the big day ware going to show you at your prettiest.
Understand that these shoots are likely to take a few hours to complete. This is the reason that you are advised to not just bring your heels, but to bring slippers or flats as well. It will be easier for you to feel more comfortable during the entire shoot when you can slip into these flats, especially if you are required to get a lot of walking done. Remember, comfort is always the best key when it comes to looking good in the photographs.

Trust the photographer and the makeup artist that you have hired for the occasion. Your creative team will play a crucial role in the success of the shoot. These are professionals who are working for you and they have done this more than enough before. They would know the best thing to do to ensure that you will exactly get the kind of look that you are hoping for.

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Searching For Furnished Residential Property Development

What should you look for when you want to buy residential property development? It can be a daunting task to search for the right property, especially when they can come in many interesting styles.  However you don’t have to stress yourself. Real estate developer and agents can assist you with your needs. They can show you listings that can meet your demands. If you like furnished houses, research for a property you can get interested in. In the end, you make the choice on whether to invest or look around for more.

residential property

Why Furnished Residential Properties

A few homeowners prefer houses or apartments that are already furnished with appliances, furniture and fixtures. Just search in the ads or check with your realtor. Depending on the residential property development, you can move in to these types of properties instantly. It may entail more budget, but it is a hassle-free accommodation as the house is made ready for you. You can then move to this property carrying only your personal belongings.

Find more residential property development offering furnished townhouses, dual occupancy and condominiums if this is what you are looking for. You can checkout dual living Melbourne if you live in Melbourne for more details on dual occupancy. You can utilize the Internet for your searches. You may find several options as it comes with pictures of the exterior and interior designs.You may want to consider the neighbourhood as well, if it is convenient for your family. You may wish to choose houses near beautiful beaches. You may also prefer apartments near plush resorts.

Why These Types of Residential Properties

A furnished house or apartment can be truly regal. You can find that the price is just right for your budget. If your children are studying, you can choose a home near a school. You may not need to worry about traffic and long drives. You can walk confidently as your place is nearby.

You can live pleasurably if you live in a house of your choice. You have designed the house according to your ideas. You may wish to have more rooms and a swimming pool to go with it. It is like living in the world of your dreams come true. You don’t only enjoy living here but you are relaxed and comfortable.

residential property development

If you love shopping, your wish is granted. There are a number of condominiums that are liveableand most suited for your lifestyle. You may ask the realtor to recommend the best places for you that is near recreational areas and commercial centres. For sure, you will enjoy a shopping spree till you drop.

If you are out searching for residential property development suited for your style, there is a place waiting for you. Be prepared with your finances and choose an arrangement for the best spot. If you are planning to move in with your family, you do not need to bring in lots of furniture.  A well-furnished home is what you must need. Take time to make bookingsso you get the best spots according to your choices.

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How To Get The Best Tasting And Nutritious Jam Flavours

Children just love to eat bread with various jam flavors. It is why their parents try to provide them with great meals during breakfast and snack time. But have you asked yourself where you can buy jams of different flavors? Visiting the supermarket to buy this item is a typical task on what we can do. If you don’t want to leave the house and take long drives, make it simpler bybuying it from online stores. Even if you live quite far, you don’t have to exert extra effort just for this merchandise. It can reach your end if you have made a choice and purchased it online.


Why Buyers Should Shop Online?

Shopping online is a modern trend that has gained popularity every day. It saves you time, money and effort just to get one item. You are shopping in a relaxed manner without making a fuss. You don’t even need to wait for long queues online. There can be many online shoppers in the site shopping for jams in different flavours. Just browse online and select your favourite jam flavours.

Many online sites provide a wide array of flavours for your jams. They offer various options for buyers so they have a variety to choose from. Generally, jams are made from fresh fruits combined with other delicious ingredients. These are kept in sterile bottles to prevent spoilage and, thus,last long. If you are an entrepreneur selling various jam flavours, upload more pictures that look interesting to buy. The buyer can have ideas of what they like and that are useful to their needs. Visit hanks jam for more details on various kinds of jams available online.

What Jam Flavours Do You Really Like

Kids just love jams. They have a certain flavour that completes their meal. Note that fruits are handpicked from the orchard so you only have fresh fruit ingredients. They are healthier, as it is made from various fruit extracts. The bottles are kept sterile and clean. Jam flavours include pineapple, strawberry, mango, apples and other mixed fruits. They are manufactured in high quality so you get a yummy taste that helps bring good health to your body.


A bottle of jam in any flavour is good source of nutrients. As taken from fresh and tasty fruits, these are processed to retain their vitamins and minerals. They are incorporated with natural flavours and preservatives so they last longer. Simply keep the jars cool or placed inside a refrigerator. It is also great to keep them chilled to complement a richer taste.

The demand for various jam flavours is growing. Every adult, teenager and child are seeking for tastyjams. They make bread and other types of pastries taste even better. So select your favourite flavour from a reliable maker. They do not only cater to a fast growing demand. They make their products out from fresh fruits extracts so customers can savour a high quality of freshness. Search for great flavors online so you keep your family happy.

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